This is a short list of books which are essential for the understanding of the subject of climate and a few links to information and some extra views


Book list


  1. Goody & Yung, Atmospheric Radiation 2nd Edition, OUP 1989
  2. Goody, Principles of Atmospheric Physics & Chemistry OUP 1995
  3. Bohren & Clothiaux, Fundamentals of Atmospheric Radiation Wiley-VCH 2006
  4. Petty, A First Course in Atmospheric Radiation Sundog Publishing 2004
  5. Thomas & Stamnes, Radiative Transfer in Atmosphere & Ocean Cambridge University Press 1999
  6. Peixoto & Oort, Physics of Climate American Institute of Physics 1992
  7. Herzberg, Infrared & Raman Spectra Van Nostrand 1945
  8. Wayne, Chemistry of Atmospheres 3rd Edition, OUP 2000
  9. Atkins, Physical Chemistry 6th Edition, OUP 1998
  10. Bohren & Albrecht, Atmospheric Thermodynamics OUP 1998
  11. Krauskopf & Bird, Introduction to Geochemistry 3rd Edition McGraw-Hill 1995
  12. Schlesinger, Biogeochemistry, An Analysis of Global Change 2nd Edition Academic Press 1997
  13. Sarmiento & Gruber, Ocean Biogeochemical Dynamics Princeton University Press 2006
  14. Lamb, Climate, History and the Modern World 2nd Edition Routledge 1995
  15. Zalasiewicz & Williams, The Goldilocks Planet, OUP 2012 - a superb description of the Earth from day 1 to the presnt time; excellent reading.





  1. for much data about greenhouse gases
  2. The Idso site containing links to many papers about CO2
  3. A link to the MODTRAN facility for generation of emission spectra of the atmosphere
  4. The website of a fellow climate sceptic
  5. The website of another fellow climate sceptic
  6. The IPCC website for all their information and downloading chapters of their reports